East African Initiatives

The Transmar Group has registered a subsidiary, Transmar Tanzania, which functions as a hub for all regional efforts. Transmar Tanzania works closely with existing local exporters in building capacity, and provides close oversight and involvement with the exporter on the ground, while ensuring quality and tonnage requirements are met.


We have a contract to purchase both conventional and UTZ cocoa out of Uganda, and are looking to expand our partnerships there. We see the opportunity for potential growth and expansion of partnerships in Uganda, and are currently engaged in various discussions around potential socially responsible collaborations.


In Tanzania, we are working with approximately 11,000 registered farmers, all of whom are UTZ and organic certified. Our exporting partner has  a well-functioning ICS, strong field staff and provides a solid link in the supply chain. Through our close ties with our Tanzanian exporter, we are able to offer capacity building in management and financial skills, farmer training on quality, and day-to-day involvement with operations on the ground. Further, we provide trade financing through both sustainable banking and micro-finance institutions to the exporter, to enable continued and consistent cocoa bean purchasing and supply. Finally, we work closely with our exporter in Tanzania to pursue and explore beneficial relationships with various NGOs on the ground around many issues, including farmer training and clean water.