Global Commitment & Partnerships

In our efforts to address the many complex issues surrounding the social, economic and environmental impact of the cocoa supply chain, Transmar Group is active in both broad industry initiatives as well as on the ground with local organizations, government agencies and businesses. This allows us to draw on a wide range of expertise to create the synergies that lead to solutions. We work with:

World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)

Our membership in this major industry foundation helps support cocoa farmers and their families worldwide through programs targeting economic growth, sustainable farming, and stronger communities.

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Federation of Cocoa Commerce (FCC)

We are active members in this cocoa supply chain industry forum, created to advance the interests of the cocoa and confectionary industries from farmer to consumer.

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American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)

Our membership with AmCham draws from our interest in the continued development of business relations between Germany and the United States – top trading partners united by a long history of commerce. With Euromar based in Fehrbellin, and our headquarters in New Jersey, membership in this organization is fitting. We serve on both the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Committees of AmCham, allowing us to build connections and share ideas with other corporations throughout Germany.

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Bundesverband der Deutschen Süsswaren Industrie (BDSI)

We are members of the Federal Association of the German Confectionary Industry (BDSI) representing the economic interests of predominantly medium-sized companies in the Germany confectionary industry. BDSI focus on the welfare of the cocoa farmers and seeks to promote and increase certified cocoa processed and sold in Germany. BDSI also provides leadership in the CEN process to develop a standard for sustainable cocoa.

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We are a strong supporter of this international NGO’s activities in origins around the world from Ecuador to Liberia. In particular, we have supported their Success Alliance Farmer Field School in Ecuador, which educates farmers on business skills and focuses on improving income. Transmar Ecuador works closely with ACDI/VOCA as an implementing partner on a project to rehabilitate small farms and build operational capacity to a more viable level.  Additionally we have assisted ACDI-VOCA trained farmer co-ops in Liberia with pre-financing support, which allows them to purchase cocoa directly from their members instead of selling to a series of middlemen, thereby retaining more of the farm-gate price for themselves.

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Ministry of Agriculture, Ecuador (MAGAP)

As part of our sustainability initiatives, we have partnered with several departments within MAGAP on farm-based programs:

  • Ecuadorian Government’s Inclusive Rural Business Program (Proneri)

    With the aim of rehabilitating national cocoa farms, we have partnered with Proneri to help selected farmers organize their business practices and develop tailored rehabilitations plans for their Nacional cocoa farms.

  • Agricultural Research Institute, Ecuador (INIAP)

    We work with this agency to help propagate the high-yielding Arriba Nacional clone with the aim of increasing farmer productivity and improving the individual economic stability of the farmer.



We are proud to work with Agripac, the leading agricultural input supply company in Ecuador. Together, we host farm field trainings and workshops, with the aim of increasing productivity and improving farm practices.

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Root Capital

We have partnered with this non-profit social investment fund in East Africa and Peru, with the goal of providing economic assistance to small farmers, exporters and coops. Through these partnership, Root Capital issues trade financing to farmers and exporters based on our commercial contracts.

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We have worked with this international NGO in Tanzania, where we partnered on efforts to improve farming practices and create a more direct economic link between farmers and the marketplace. We have also collaborated with TechnoServe to build centralized fermentation and drying facilities for use by farmers.



We have partnered with this non-profit social investment fund in East Africa, with the goal of providing economic assistance to small farmers and exporters. Through this partnership, Root Capital issues trade financing to farmers and exporters based on our commercial contracts.